Transcending business as usual

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Our three pillars that enable human flourishing for business prosperity

Most business leaders are concerned with performance and growth, social entrepreneurs concerned with impact and changing the system. As business demands, challenges and complexity increase, as the workforce demographic shifts, as purpose becomes as important as profit, then a new paradigm of leadership and business is required. Using the lessons of flourishing from Mother Nature, coupled with the most current research, applied to our personal lives and business systems we are capable of resourcing ourselves, building resilience, increasing energy and bring the creative ingenuity to create businesses as a force for good in the world.


Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are essentials for full human functioning. In a world of uncertainty and change we will need to go beyond the essentials to create new ways of living and leading to excel and reach our full potential. Just as Mother Nature demonstrates; the qualities of adaptability, agility, resilience and clear purpose are needed to achieve our goals and face setbacks for people and businesses to flourish.


Integral Leadership: Restoring Balance

A shift is needed from the ‘tried and true’ model of hierarchical leadership from a top down approach, to a more inclusive, compassionate way of leading. With women taking their place at the decision making tables, millennials and GenZ making up 50% of the workforce, a greater focus on the qualities of inclusivity and equanimity is required. Building these leadership attributes is now an essential for the future of business.


Building Business Communities

Teams compete, communities co-operate. Teams select only the best talent, communities bring out the best in all. When facing an uncertain future people will seek out organisations that contribute not detract from what matters most to them, they will be attracted to organisations with a clear purpose who value their contribution, with leaders whose values they share. Building community and collaboration will be keys for a thriving enterprise.


what we do

Human flourishing for business prosperity

The Flourish Initiative was founded by Karen Downes, entrepreneur, business advisor and expert in the area of personal and business transformation, with over three decades of experience.

Our programmes, business consulting, retreats and coaching are all designed to take individuals, organisations and their people from their current state to the desired state, fit for the future.

These bespoke and public programmes provide a rare opportunity for senior executives in the corporate, public and community sectors to define their purpose, re-examine their roles and responsibilities and formulate the new values and leadership behaviours that are necessary to shape the future of their organisation.

We draw upon the wisdom of our natural world, the most up-to-date scientific research and 30 years experience in the human potential movement and transformation.


Upcoming programmes


"It has caused me to reflect on who I am as a leader and how my leadership impacts those who I lead in a positive way. It was truly life changing."

We work with businesses to deliver programmes that go beyond wellbeing to help employees flourish.


Honouring the seasons

Just as in natures’ seasons, businesses move through cycles of growth and a slowing down. Our own human system operates in rhythms and cycles, which are essential for our wellbeing. All of us will experience each of the four seasons at different life stages and transitions, in the losses we face and the triumphs we celebrate, we call these ‘seasons of the soul’.  In our modern day lives, in the pursuit of personal happiness and business growth many have lost the capacity to honour all of the seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. All are necessary for our development and evolution.   

None of us will escape a winter of the soul, when our light is dimmed, a time when vitality has left us and joy is nowhere to be found. For some this may simply be a sense of existing without the feeling of being truly alive.  These can be times of loss – of a loved one, a job or a business failure.  It can also be a time of hibernation for renewal and reflection. Many look upon an internal Winter as the opposite of flourishing however just as in nature, it is essential for building our resilience. Unfortunately, most are not very well equipped to honour the winter - personally or in business, and holding out for the next Summer. We support business leaders to build more humane organisations with a wholistic approach that honours all seasons - to go through the loss of Autumn, the darkness of Winter and rise again for the fulfilment and joy of Spring and Summer.

Our work provides the resources, tools and practices enabling people to transition through the seasons of life with agency and dignity, acknowledging the seasons of the soul as they arrive and know that all four reside in our human nature as they do in Mother Nature, and are essential to flourish.

Winter is a time of hibernation, it might be a pause or a season. Time out to recharge
— Karen Downes, Founder and CEO, The Flourish Initiative