Transcending business as usual


What we do

We enable business leaders and their people to transition the seasons of life and business with agency and dignity, to develop agility and resilience to powerfully recover from setbacks, to bring presence of mind and wisdom to deal with these uncertain times.

We challenge, provoke and inspire people to think more deeply about what matters most to them and their organisation, now and for the future. We provide the necessary support to create the strategy and pathway forward to ensure that life and business is carried out in line with those priorities, such that the enterprise and it’s people, flourish. 

Our in-house, bespoke and public programme provide a rare opportunity for professionals and leaders in the corporate, public and community sectors to define their purpose, redefine their roles and responsibilities and formulate the new values and leadership behaviours that are necessary to shape the future of their organisations. 

  • We work in partnership to identify and then resolve the underlying concerns and barriers that prohibit people from bringing the best of themselves to any endeavour

  • We support business leaders to develop the necessary qualities, strengths and leadership skills to build a life enhancing and sustainable organisation.

  • We start by building sustainablilty from the inside - people first, in order that the business can be prosperous and fulfill on its sustainablity goals.

Who we are

Based in London, The Flourish Initiative is a global consultancy firm committed to transforming the way we live and work.  Our clients are entrepreneurs, business and social enterprise leaders who have bold, audacious goals, and interested in creating a new future.  A future where an organisation’s prosperity is measured by the wellbeing of their people, the contribution they make to the communities in which they work, the concern they have for the planet and the profit they make whilst doing good work.  

We draw upon the intelligence of our natural world that has been flourishing for billions of years, the most up to date scientific research and 30 years’ experience in the human potential movement, leadership development and business transformation arenas.  

Our vision

A global initiative for human flourishing. We are committed to creating a new paradigm of business, where human flourishing is acknowledged and valued as the foundation for business prosperity.

Our mission

To support leaders in developing new ways of living and leading based on a greater level of self-awareness, true resilience, compassion and purpose, their own and the business.

The Flourish Initiative Founder and CEO, Karen Lee Downes talks about the new paradigm of work and about Human Flourishing

We rise time and again to stay the course and fulfil our greatest potential
— Karen Downes, Founder and CEO, The Flourish Initiative