Today I Rise


Creativity can come to us in the most unlikely moments, suddenly moving through our veins like a wave, breaking on the shore and disappearing before we know it.

I was sitting at home on a very cold Friday afternoon in January 2016 trying to find the words for a 3-minute video I wanted to produce: a video intended as an invitation to a 2-day international conference about feminine intelligence. This was to become the FemmeQ Summit. My aim was to raise awareness around the topic of feminine intelligence and gain recognition for its power and importance alongside Emotional and Cognitive Intelligence (EQ and IQ).

While contemplating what I wanted to say I thought about my own healing journey, the long path to find my true self, the many ups and downs, the storms and doubts and by contrast also the sacred moments when I felt aligned, grounded and at peace.

Words suddenly came pouring out but when I read the finished text, I was not sure whether I wanted to share this rather intimate story with the 200 people I was going to invite to the conference. Life had other plans. I posted the short 4-minute video, now called Today I Rise and it seemed to reach people all over the world. It has had over 1.8 million views. I have been astonished and humbled by the hundreds of messages from women all over the world who have shared how the film touched and inspired them.

Today I understand that my words and images meant so much to others because they describe an archetypal journey that most women are familiar with. We have all known lonely moments, when our soul feels bruised, when we have been ignored, abandoned or find ourselves in the middle of the darkest of nights. And then by some unknown force we get up and walk again: we rise. I have always loved to listen to the often heroic stories of women, and without realising it, my film summed up the appreciation and respect I have for all the women that have come before me and those modern day heroines who exemplify endurance, courage and compassion and who bring to bear on our current challenges a deeply rooted wisdom resulting from their journeys. 

The world is missing what I am ready to give

My wisdom, My sweetness, My love

And my hunger for peace

I weep with the trees and the rivers and the earth in distress

I rise and shine and I am ready to go on my quest

Today I rise…

Each and every personal story is unique and it counts. The journey you share will inspire and encourage. The way you present yourself does not only have an effect on the person reading it but also on yourself and how you move through the world. This is often for women the true and deeper work of the coaching journey

My own path to find the courage to live my truth is now expressed in my work as a creative activist. I bring the insights and maturity of my own journey to help others see their own creativity and uniqueness, and how this can illuminate their world.

My gift creating for each woman a visual feast and text that reflects and expresses who they truly are. My clients discover more of themselves in this reflection and thereby how much they can shine in the world.

Shine your Light

I move through the world with confidence and grace

I open my eyes and I am ready to face

My wholeness as a woman and my limitless capacities

I will walk my path with audacity

Today I rise…

Creative mentor and film-maker Alexandra Feldner describes her personal journey to raise awareness of Feminine Intelligence or FemmeQ – increasingly recognised as essential to address the global challenges we face – culminating in the groundbreaking FemmeQ Summit she convened in Berlin in June 2016. FemmeQ is striking a chord with women coaches and leaders worldwide.