Global Sustainability Network


At the Global Sustainability Network conference held on May 22nd and 23rd at the Lambeth Palace in London a collective and collaborative group from diverse sectors of society met – government, business, media, community, faith, academia. The aim; to discuss and take action in achieving UN Sustainable Goal 8.7; to eradicate Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking with the support of Goal 8 (Sustainable Economic Growth and Decent Work for All). All sectors of society must highlight and take action if this goal is to be achieved and this system of abuse and violation of human rights is to be eradicated.

This conversation is of particular importance to human Flourishing, as there is a current rise in the numbers of trafficking and slavery as migration increases and the vulnerable become even more exposed to exploitation. This of course means the increased of suffering and abuse, and is the extreme opposite of the circumstances which allow for human flourishing.

With this crucial multi-disciplinary approach an integral view can be taken to raise awareness of how the the whole system, from supply chain in business to congregation and religious communities, from the interventions made by NGOs to media highlighting the facts and stories is needed. The source of the problems must be addressed, the system penetrated and the perpetrators punished. Law enforcement of course plays a critical role in stopping this violation of human rights.

Baroness Scotland and ex Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard both spoke out strongly on the immediate and essential action that is needed to address this concern faced in our societies around the world. Baroness Scotland said ‘if you want to impact all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals there is one action that will address every single one: the education of girls and the empowerment of women’.

Julia Gillard said ‘if you want to create a virtuous cycle versus a vicious circle regards the problem – educate girls and empower women’. The message could not be any clearer. Whilst the subjugation, marginalization and abuse of women continues we will not end slavery and trafficking, this heinous crime is affect current and future generations at every level.