Are your current ways of working giving you the business success you desire?

In chaotic and demanding times people feel concerned and out of balance. We know that work-life is not a balance between two separate worlds, but interconnected. The personal is the professional.

Today we require new ways of living and leading. New leadership includes care of people, ethical economic decisions and respect for our ecology. The new measure of success will be business as a force for good in the world.

We believe that coherence of head, heart and hands restores integrity to the DNA of leadership and business and we partner with you to build conscious, responsible leadership, resilient business communities and positive social impact. Together we make remarkable things happen.

What does it take to build an organisation where people flourish and business prospers?

The essential ingredient for business prosperity is human flourishing. Business prospers when leaders meet the real needs of their people, their customers and the organisation.

We help you lead from your true purpose, unlock the full potential of your people, and fulfil the power of your business promise.

Wellbeing and Beyond

Wellbeing is not simply the absence of disease. It is the foundation stone of human excellence. Purpose is the fuel that drives performance, enabling people to fulfil their potential and gain a deep sense of meaning from their life.

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Building Resilient Business Communities

Team suggests competition, community infers co-operation. Teams select only the best talent, communities bring out the best in all. Community Building will be the way of future business.

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Integral Leadership | Restoring Balance

Diversity is an antidote to the complexity we face, inclusion is the solution to the problems that confront us.

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Enjoy our videos featuring our invents, inspiring you with food for thoughts or simply touching your heart like Today I Rise did for almost two million people all over the world.

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Between us we have authored 15 books including titles such as Pioneering the Possible - Awakened Leadership for a World that Works, Sacred Spaces and The Future of Coaching.

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A glance into the future: Have a look at the first European Resort for Consciousness, a buzzing platform of new ideas and concepts, personal development, beauty and inspiration.

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  • Emma Rowena Hansen

Initiative of the month

Shine Your Light

Your story is unique and counts. The journey you share will inspire and encourage. The way you present yourself does not only have an effect on the person reading it but also on yourself and how you move through the world.

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Who we are and how we flourish

Karen Lee Downes

Karen fully expresses her commitment and purpose by creating global initiatives of positive change at all levels of society for the fulfillment of human flourishing, business prosperity and planetary regeneration. Her passion include spiritual and behaviourial sciences, aromatherapy and the study of Rudolf Steiner.

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Alexandra Feldner

Alexandra worked in fashion & film between different cultures across Europe and the US, developing a deep sense of visual beauty. Throughout this rich creative journey she has woven her studies of spiritual psychology, human consciousness and feminine leadership.

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Hetty Einzig

Hetty works with a creative mix of intellectual challenge, psychological insight and reflection. She has established a reputation for growing and maintaining deep personal engagement in her clients and sustained performance and purpose that extends beyond the coaching journey – and, critically, humour!

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Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Scilla is a world-renowned Peace-Builder & Nobel Peace Prize nominee. She inspires leaders and policy-makers to talk more openly to their opponents by encouraging the kind of self-knowledge that keeps people from thoughtless violence or assisting in the destruction of the planet.

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Michael Hesse

Fuelled by his passion for design, beauty and simplicity, Michael provides a deep understanding of how aesthetics influence us all. He has worked with a diverse international client base bringing alive in artistic expression their purpose, business proposition and offer.

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Paul King

Paul brings together business experience and his in depth exploration of human potential.He works as a business mentor, coach and consultant and is Managing Director of Beyond. His focus is on supporting the realisation of the innate potential of people, working individually and together.

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Upcoming Events

October 24 - October 24 , Dubai


During our time together we will discuss and explore the 10 key principles of building community and expanding resilience in the culture of the organisation to be future fit for the changes that are coming.

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October 26 - October 26 , Dubai


Leading with Grace & Resilience™ is for women business leaders, change makers, senior executives and entrepreneurs, who are aware thatRead More

October 29 - October 30 , Dubai


The rebalance and integration of the deep feminine qualities with the deep masculine that each of us possess will be needed to shift from the old system of competition and exploitation of our human and earth resources to collaboration and respect for all; to lead with Grace & Resilience.

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November 12 - November 13 , Melbourne

1 evening and 1 day Summit

Since our launch in Berlin in June 2016, our core team has visited 9 countries to continue this important dialogue,Read More

November 20 - November 24 , Melbourne


Leading with Grace & Resilience is a programme for women business leaders, change makers, senior executives and social entrepreneurs. ThoseRead More

February 11, 2018 - February 12, 2018 ,

Leading with Grace & Resilience
A 2 Day Workshop

Leading with Grace & Resilience is a programme for women business leaders, change makers, senior executives and social entrepreneurs. Those who are committed to bringing about a new paradigm of leadership and ensuring business becomes a positive force for good in the world.

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