Welcome to the FLOURISH initiative

When people are engaged and in touch with the things that matter most to them, when they are proud of what they do – they flourish.
When an enterprise cares about the wellbeing of their people, the communities in which they work and the planet – they prosper.

People are looking within and without, searching for methods and means to find new ways of being and relating. Leaders are seeking to unite through shared values and to create work environments that empower and inspire.

Privately and publicly, this movement of individuals is emerging as a new and global demographic. Collectively, they have become a powerful voice that speaks for hope and a new way of building business, respecting the world, its people and the environment.


In our initiatives of change, we:

Launch of the first FemmeQ Summit

Berlin 6th & 7th of June 2016

The first international FemmeQ Summit united 140 people from 15 countries who came together to understand how to validate a realistic and possible world in which the feminine principle is not only appreciated but also attains its natural place.

The 12 speakers from the global organisation Rising Women Rising World came together for the first time for this visionary summit. These women have activated and applied feminine intelligence with great success around the world, across all sectors of society in their organisations; in business, governance, education, agriculture and the arts.

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