Why this, why now?

Confronting the ever-increasing challenges of our world and the complexities of business today requires extraordinary leadership.  To navigate and create the way forward leaders will be required to create more humane work environments, to support their people in developing capacity to embrace change, to build true resilience to keep going even in the face of setbacks.   

True resilience is at the heart of our work. Recent scientific research confirms what many great leaders have always known instinctively. When people are engaged in meaningful work, valued for what they contribute, feel safe to speak out, connected to the company values, respected by colleagues, they bring the best of themselves to work, they flourish.  When people are flourishing, the enterprise prospers.


Depleted resources

Just as in nature, when our human resources are depleted, there is no possibility for flourishing.

We now live in a global economy characterized by rapid change, accelerating scientific breakthroughs and an unprecedented level of competitiveness. These developments create new demands of our psychological resources. Specifically they require a greater capacity for self-management, personal responsibility and self-direction