Three pillars that support human flourishing for business prosperity

Most business leaders are concerned with performance and growth, social entrepreneurs concerned with impact and changing the system. As business demands, challenges and complexity increase, as the workforce demographic shifts, as purpose becomes as important as profit, then a new paradigm of leadership and business is required. Using the lessons of flourishing from Mother Nature, coupled with the most current research, applied to our personal lives and business systems we are capable of resourcing ourselves, building resilience, increasing energy and bring the creative ingenuity to create businesses as a force for good in the world.


Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are essentials for full human functioning. In a world of uncertainty and change we will need to go beyond the essentials to create new ways of living and leading to excel and reach our full potential. Just as Mother Nature demonstrates; the qualities of adaptability, agility, resilience and clear purpose are needed to achieve our goals and face setbacks for people and businesses to flourish.


Integral Leadership: Restoring Balance

A shift is needed from the ‘tried and true’ model of hierarchical leadership from a top down approach, to a more inclusive, compassionate way of leading. With women taking their place at the decision making tables, millennials and GenZ making up 50% of the workforce, a greater focus on the qualities of inclusivity and equanimity is required. Building these leadership attributes is now an essential for the future of business.


Building Business Communities

Teams compete, communities co-operate. Teams select only the best talent, communities bring out the best in all. When facing an uncertain future people will seek out organisations that contribute not detract from what matters most to them, they will be attracted to organisations with a clear purpose who value their contribution, with leaders whose values they share. Building community and collaboration will be keys for a thriving enterprise.