Whilst inspiration is a key element of any public speaking forum, I know that real and authentic personal stories capture imagination and present a new possibility for the audience to hold onto. Activiating imagination, creating new perspectives and possibilites is what most are yearning for as we face an uncertain future.

Key topics:


The feminine qualities of leadership have remained undervalued and disregarded for decades. These qualites exist in all genders but often not encouraged or developed, being attributed to the softer side of our human nature — care, compassion, respect, trust, devotion, patience and empathy. When the feminine principle is understood and recognised for its full power and expressed in leadership it can transform conflict, build trust in human relations, transfom business negotiations and even our social systems. A shift in consciousness versus a reversal of positions or roles is needed: a shift in awaeness and perspective that includes and embraces the full breadth and depth of our human qualities, the feminine and the masculine. Access to this perspective resides in our intuition and spritual intelligence, not in our rational and logical minds. This is an important discussion that enables us to go beyond gender and build inclusive and diverse cultures.


Flourishing lies beyond wellbeing. Wellbeing is ‘the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous’. Essential to have, but we will need more than wellbeing to keep up with increasing demands of work and pressures of life; we will need more energy and greater resilience to go the distance.

People are the source of energy, vitality, creativity and productivity in any enterprise. Leaders know this intuitively but very few organisations have flourishing built into their development programmes.

In this keynote leaders will understand how to move from the ‘old’ resilience; toughen up and solider on which results in bun out, to build ‘true’ resilience; enabling people to be resource-ful, response-able, adaptable.

How can we flourish in the face of adversity and setbacks, when energy is low and resources seem scarce?


Resilience is what we all have and what we will need more of to go the distance and stay on the course we’ve chosen. It requires us to develop positive character strengths in order to bring the best of ourselves to any situation even in the face of crisis, adversity and setback. Grace is not yet recognised nor valued as the necessary quality that enables the development of ‘true’ resilience. Grace occurs in the pauses, in silence, in meditation or walking in nature. This is when our inner wisdom, our intuition is accessed and we connect to what matters most at the personal, organisational and societal levels. We need to slow down in order to make progress.

These qualities of Grace & Resilience coexist as a dynamic flow, a creative force of conscious and ethical leadership. Duing this keynote you understand how to develop this dynamic duo.

People were moved and inspired by your presentation, you touched our hearts and opened our minds!
— Karen Wooldridge, FemmeQ Summit Los Angeles
Photo: Ruth Davey/Look Again

Photo: Ruth Davey/Look Again

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