Sensual Awareness | Embodied Wisdom

for peace of mind, greater resilience, work-life balance

Our bodies are speaking to us all the time, giving us a direct experience of the world and informing us, but are we paying attention?  Do you know how to listen to the subtle whispers or respond to the important messages your body sends? 

In ancient traditions it is said that true wisdom is found in the body and nowhere else.  In more recent times we have come to rely more on our rational mind, which doesn’t always produce the best results.  In our fast paced lives we’ve lost touch with the wisdom of the body and the inner guidance system that is our true compass; our somatic intelligence and our sensory acuity.

This workshop is based on spiritual teachings, neuro-scientific research and the contemplative traditions; what we once knew intuitively is being proven scientifically.

In this workshop I will take you on a guided journey to understand your body's natural intelligence and how to work with this incredible resource for greater peace and balance in your life.  We will work with the inner guidance system of the ‘more than’ 5 senses to unlock the deep knowledge that resides within our human form.  

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn how your somatic intelligence works and how to pay attention, in a very deliberate way, to the wisdom of the body

  • Develop your sensory acuity by understanding the ‘more than 5 senses’ and how to work with them for information and guidance

  • Understand how and why we develop our survival strategies and the coping mechanisms which shape our lives and how to release these constraints to release more energy

  • Explore how this inside-out approach can bring a greater sense of calm and centredness

  • Experience the power of shifting from reactivity to response-ability, enhancing your personal dignity and agency

  • Learn new practices, tools and techniques to build greater capacity and personal resilience

  • Work with the potency of essential oils for healing, protection and emotional poise

Our bodies know our most important truths—what feels uniquely right to each of us, whom and how to love, the nourishment and nurturing we need, how and when to rest, restore, and heal. 



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