Rare are the moments when we pause to reflect, take time out of our business or step away from the busyness in order to regain perspective, to reorientate the direction of our lives and reconnect to what matters most. Living a life of meaning and purpose is one of the highest human aspirations and ‘retreating’ is a opportunity to reconnect, renew and remind yourself of the promise you made when you still had your imagination and dreams in tact. Our retreats are an opportunity for you to invest designated time and space to rediscover your promise and leave with new practices to ensure that promise is fulfilled.

Your time is now!


LEading with grace & resilience Retreat

A four-day retreat for women and non-binary people exploring the dynamic flow of Grace and Resilience, which will be both relevant and necessary to create the enterprise of the future.


Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing RETREAT

A three-day retreat on the exploration and understanding of human flourishing as the foundation for business prosperity.


We also offer in-house bespoke retreats for businesses. Find out more here or contact us.