Leading with Grace & Resilience retreat

Leading with Grace & Resilience is a programme for women business leaders, change makers, senior executives and social entrepreneurs. Those who are committed to bringing about a new paradigm of leadership and ensuring business becomes a positive force for good in the world.

The two primary elements of Grace and Resilience co-exist as a condition for dynamic, creative and constructive leadership. Restoring the balance between the deep feminine qualities with the masculine is now essential for our future.

Whether starting a movement or pioneering a new frontier, exemplary leaders have a vision and a commitment to something greater than themselves; they think large, and they think long-term.

They also work on the radical mastery of their inner world; developing self-awareness, managing their ego, acknowledging limiting beliefs, transforming counter-productive behaviours, accessing intuition and expanding their capacity for compassion. This inner power becomes the source of their grace, resilience and impact.

This 4-day residential intensive has been designed on the basis of time honoured truths, current scientific research and empirical observation from working with leaders across all sectors of society for 35 years. It will be highly interactive, experiential and transformative such that your reflections, insights, new perspectives and tools can be applied immediately to have the greatest impact on your leadership and your life.


  • Transforming limited beliefs and unexamined patterns of behaviour

  • Developing the courage and presence to lead powerfully to shape the future of the organisation

  • Clarifying personal purpose with an action plan to deliver on that purpose.

The Five Pillars of Grace & Resilience: What you’ll learn

The five pillars of Grace & Resilience will teach you how to integrate the qualities and practices of what we call the ‘deep feminine’ with the’ deep masculine’ to create more humane corporate cultures and businesses that have a positive impact in the world. This whole person integral approach will support your flourishing in all areas of your life.

How to acquire the power of self-awareness

  • Enabling you to observe your way of ‘being’ and ‘acting’ and the impact on others

  • Revealing and transforming outdated beliefs and counter- productive behaviours you have adopted

  • Dealing effectively with your self-limiting beliefs, inner critic and saboteur

  • Developing inner resources from which to draw a steady stream of self- esteem and a sense of your own value

How to shift from surviving to flourishing

  • Healing the past to move powerfully into the future

  • Developing your capacities to sustain you on the journey – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and life-purpose

  • Enhancing your ability to self-regulate stress and build emotional resilience

  • Developing your capacity to rise stronger from setbacks and challenges

How to build core presence

  • Developing courage and skill to reveal, face and transform conflict and restore harmony

  • Building the capacity to embody equanimity in stressful situations so you retain your strength and values

  • Extending your sensory acuity to notice what is emerging in any situation and respond to what is needed with maximum effect

  • Tapping into the potential and power of Grace

How to create a culture of trust

  • Developing new ways to communicate that honour difference and the value of others’ worth and contribution

  • Understanding the difference between ‘Force’ and ‘Power’ and how to embody and work with these two dynamics

  • Expanding your capability to build authenticity and transparency into your organisational culture

  • Experiencing the power of authentic listening to build safe and trusted relationship

How to shape the future

  • Envisaging a vibrant and inspiring future for your life

  • Acquiring courage, clarity and precision to address the critical issues that currently prevent breakthroughs in your enterprise or organisation

  • Developing the ability to translate your vision into reality

  • Designing innovative and practical actions that build towards the future you envision.

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