Integral Leadership workshop

Integral Leadership is a tailored, two-day in-house workshop for developing effective leadership skills in pursuit of a life enhancing and sustainable organisation

Diversity is an antidote to the complexity we face, inclusion is the solution to the problems that confront us.

Global research reveals that not having the creativity, qualities and values of Feminine Intelligence at the decision-making table poses a high risk to business success and handicaps organisations in addressing impending challenges. Breaking down the barriers within business structures that prohibit progress along with dissolving the constraints of limiting belief systems are needed for progress to be made.

Attraction, recruitment and retention of good people without bias for gender or ethnicity, who are engaged and motivated to bring the full breadth of their human capacities, qualities and intelligence to their work is of key concern to all business leaders.

We support people to create, adopt, embody and apply new behaviours that will shift the balance in the organisation from the overplayed masculine qualities to include and value Feminine Intelligence: Compassion, Deep Listening, Inclusivity, Interconnectedness, Regeneration. Both women and men possess these attributes. They have been suppressed in men and subordinated in women for thousands of years. By highlighting and promoting these qualities leaders will make available the full breadth of our human capacities, restore wholeness and integrity and bring a whole person leadership approach to the organisation or enterprise.

This workshop is for:

  • Developing effective leadership skills in pursuit of a life enhancing and sustainable organisation

  • Identifying the unique qualities of every leader to ensure people feel included, valued and respected

  • Clarifying the necessary leadership principles and practices that enable leaders to respond to the business issues and its evolution

  • Articulating a clear purpose the business community can believe in and engage with.

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