Our impact

What our clients and colleagues say:

I have worked with Karen for several years now, in different businesses and she has played many roles - from personal coach to a global scale driver of behavioural change. I have never met a person who connects so rapidly and deeply to a person or a group as Karen. She is a wonderful and insightful individual who has the skill, sensitivity and authenticity to challenge you to be at your best in a way that is highly effective. Every team I’ve led in the last 5 years has loved having Karen on the journey with them and she is someone I’ll always turn to for help, leadership and energy.
— Mark McClennon, Global CIO, Burberry

Karen and the team at the Flourish Initiative supported us through a transformational development programme at Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays, that really touched both hearts and minds. Their passion, commitment and desire to make the world a better place really shows in the work that they do, and despite 49 programmes and 1600 participants, their energy and spirit to make a difference never faltered!
— Kate O’Connor, Leadership Development Consultant, Virgin Atlantic

I attended the ‘Leading with Grace and Resilience’ retreat and was fortunate enough to enjoy 6 months personal coaching from Karen directly. Having attended a large number of personal development and coaching sessions during my 20+ years in the corporate world, I can honestly say that Karen’s approach is the most unique and impactful that I have experienced. I would highly recommend Karen as a guide to developing yourself and/ or others as authentic, intuitive compassionate leaders with a relevance in the modern world.
— Sue Liderth Former IT Director - Strategy & Transformation, Unilever

The Flourish team have put together a highly distilled package of tools and insights that are both wise and practical. The programme enabled me to pinpoint with laser accuracy exactly where I needed to focus my efforts to build my resilience.

I am now far clearer about my priorities and have taken charge of how I spend my time, rather than spreading myself too thinly. I expect to be reaping the rewards of the 2 days spent in this programme for many years to come.
— Liz Rivers, Leadership coach, Mediator, Co- founder Purpose Power Presence

Karen is a change agent extraordinaire. She is experienced, inspirational and dynamic. She is a bringer of light and energy to transform businesses through people and culture.
— Richard Mott, Business consultant

I am taking away a lot, feel really lucky to work for a company that invests in our physical and mental wellbeing
— Flourish participant in key leadership role

Karen is an outstanding consultant and coach in ensuring individuals and organisations achieve breakthrough performance in a sustainable and ethical manner. In my experience her authenticity, clarity and sense of real purpose has lifted the personal development and team dynamics to exceptional levels to create truly high performance teams that last. Karen has underpinned the success of many in leadership roles. I continue to treasure her wise council, exchange and development of creative ideas as a thought partner
— Graham Butler‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‪, Former ‬‬‬New Technology Manager for BP Global Refining Business