Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing workshop

Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing is a tailored, two-day, in-house workshop on the exploration and understanding of human flourishing as the foundation for business prosperity for those called to transform the organisation you lead or work in.

Global research reveals that over 50 per cent of workers are physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted and lacking in meaning and purpose. (Towers Watson)

As we face an uncertain future, rising challenges and increasing demands, many are suffering or simply surviving in a time when flourishing and thriving are not only possible, but essential to shape an inspired future that many of us yearn for.

We need a paradigm shift in how we measure business success, how we manage performance, and a shift in perspective as to what it takes to be a great leader in order to meet today’s business and personal challenges.

this workshop is for:

  • Building true resilience: Shifting from the old style of resilience “toughing it out” to embed a new definition of resilience that’s sourced from a deep sense of wellbeing

  • Elevating personal responsibility: Every person has a contribution to make to the business, the potential to bring this lies within

  • Developing the four intelligences: Our four inner human resources can be developed and expanded to transform the way we live and lead: the intelligence of body, emotions, intellect and spirit

  • Living with meaning and purpose: Inspired by purpose, feeling valued and knowing our life matters sustains performance

During these two days you will:

  • Work with and develop the full complement of your inner human resources (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and understand how to renew and expand them all

  • Learn practical skills to shift out-dated beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you and others

  • Increase self-awareness using the Flourish check-in to reveal the course corrections needed to flourish – personally and in your leadership

  • Experience a transformation in your personal leadership style through embodied learning

  • Learn how to build true resilience: shifting from the old style of resilience “toughing it out” to resilience that’s sourced from a foundation of wellbeing

  • Learn the six keys to sustainable happiness and lasting change that lies within your control and how to increase your individual agency for impact

  • Learn how to create a ‘fearless’ organisation to break the stigma attached to mental ill health

  • Elevate your awareness and consciousness for higher levels of effectiveness in every area of your life

flourish views
The Flourish team have put together a highly distilled package of tools and insights that are both wise and practical. The programme enabled me to pinpoint with laser accuracy exactly where I needed to focus my efforts to build my resilience.

I am now far clearer about my priorities and have taken charge of how I spend my time, rather than spreading myself too thinly. I expect to be reaping the rewards of the 2 days spent in this programme for many years to come.
— Liz Rivers, Leadership coach, Mediator, Co- founder Purpose Power Presence

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