Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing retreat

If you’re looking to transform ‘business as usual’, join us for the Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing 3-day retreat amongst the majestic redwoods of Woodside to reflect, renew and re-charge. 

There are 168 hours in a week; how much of this precious resource do you allocate for yourself? These three days of retreat will be time for you, time away from business and the busyness of life.

By taking the time to reconnect with mother nature, you will reconnect with your own true nature.

If we could surrender to earth’s intelligence, we would rise uprooted, like trees
— Rainer Maria Rilke

In this time of profound universal disruption, increasing demands and uncertainty, we need greater insight and compassion, true resilience and creative action, to shape the future for the businesses we lead and the life we wish to live.

Flourish: Beyond Wellbeing will support you to examine ways of working that no longer serve you, create new ways to define success in your business, evaluate personal performance and achievement, shift perspective as to what it takes to lead – yourself, others and your organisation. 

The aim of the retreat is for you to: identify and dismantle limiting beliefs, amplify your positive qualities, understand the seasons of the soul and how to honour and work with change, awaken new joy in everyday life and optimise your potential.  

Our work is grounded in systems theory, neuro-science, psychology, embodied leadership, practices from the contemplative traditions and empirical wisdom. The three days will be informative and experiential, to bring about real change in mindset and behaviour, both personally and professionally. We have delivered the Flourish programme to over 1,600 business leaders and have witnessed transformative results, both personally and professionally.

During our time together you will:

  • Work with and develop the full complement of your inner human resources (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and understand how to renew and expand each of them

  • Identify outdated beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you and others

  • Increase self-awareness using the Flourish check-in to reveal the course corrections needed to flourish

  • Experience a transformation in your personal leadership style through embodied learning

  • Learn how to build ‘true’ resilience: shifting from the old style of resilience “toughing it out” and “coping strategies”

  • Discover the six keys to sustainable happiness and lasting change that lies within your control and how to increase your individual agency for impact

  • Learn how to build psychological safety into the culture of the organisation

  • Elevate your awareness and consciousness for higher levels of effectiveness in every area of your life

This program is the right fit if you are:

  • From the corporate world, social impact community or work independently

  • A professional or senior executive who would benefit from being better equipped to lead transformational change for yourself and your organisation

  • Dealing with rapid and constant change

  • Wanting to find greater work-life balance

  • Interested in creating working environments where people can be their ‘whole selves’

  • Committed to personal growth and development

You will be joined in the retreat by professionals and senior executives from public and private sector organisations who face similar leadership challenges, despite coming from different contexts. In order to ensure the time together is discussion-oriented and focused on topics of direct relevance to participants, the number of spaces will be limited to 40.



To view upcoming Flourish: Beyond wellbeing retreats, view our calendar.

For more information, please contact Rebecca@theflourishinitiative.com