Personal Branding & Profiling

We are empowering change makers like you, by packaging your story, cause and mission in a way that allows you to have maximum impact in what you want to achieve in this world.

Your story is unique and counts. The journey you share will inspire and encourage. The way you present yourself does not only have an effect on the person reading it but also on yourself and how you move through the world.

We will develop an authentic online presence for you and your brand, one that is true to who you are. Doing so can be as specific as creating a logo or tagline, or as complex as building a multi-faceted website, a marketing strategy or product.

"Our journey together will help you to see more clearly: how you can best communicate your special contribution to the world, how to define and express your unique talents, how to develop your vision and mission. We will explore together, what you need to further flourish and to shine your light."

  • Emma Rowena Hansen
  • Ajort - Kerstin Löber
  • Soul Luxury - Claudia Roth

Recent Projects

How we work together

Creating your Vision, Mission and Anchor Statement

This is a very customized service: I develop my ideas and visions around our conversations and the unique expression I see in you. - Alexandra

Step 1 - During our first talk we will talk about your needs and requests and define the direction of our collaboration.

Step 2 - First meeting. Creating your vision, mission and anchor statement. I develop and expand your profile and business according to your own unique values and individual strengths.

"If it’s not authentic, it’s not effective. Our motto is: Be yourself, and be unstoppable!"

Step 3 - You will be working on your texts and on the answers to all the questions and topics, which are relevant in creating your profile. Once I receive your answers I will start to work on a first concept.

Making it work

Your business must be effective, draw people’s attention and clearly explain who you are and what your business is all about.

Step 1 - We take the time to understand you, your business and your customers.

Step 2 - We will discuss and cover all the technical requirements you need: SEO (relevant keywords for search engines), Mobile Responsive (adapts to all devices) Google Analytics, Domain Setup, Multilingual, Email Set Up, Mail Chimp etc.

Step 3 - Once we decided which way to go, we will start to give our ideas a visual identity (photo material, colours, fonts, design)

"Developing effective business ideas and scaling a message which is meaningful is a passion of mine. I love to think out of the box and to connect creativity and entrepreneurial expertise – especially when, by doing so, I can contribute to making the world a better place."


Additional Offerings & Ongoing Services

Product Development:

- Filming
- Creative direction
- Webinars
- Digital products


- Selling subscription based services
- Selling digital and physical good

Ongoing Marketing:

- Marketing Materials
- Social Media
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Pay per Click advertisement (PPC "Google Adwords")

Graphic Design:

- Logos
- Marketing materials


- Personal
- Business
- Technical Training for you and your staff

The Team

Alexandra Feldner

Alexandra worked in fashion & film between different cultures across Europe and the US, developing a deep sense of visual beauty. Throughout this rich creative journey she has woven her studies of spiritual psychology, human consciousness and feminine leadership.

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Michael Hesse

Fuelled by his passion for design, beauty and simplicity, Michael provides a deep understanding of how aesthetics influence us all. He has worked with a diverse international client base bringing alive in artistic expression their purpose, business proposition and offer.

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