Envisioning the Future of The Flourish Initiative

The resort does not exist yet. We are working on this project and are looking for like-minded people who would like to help us developing this vision further. In the meantime: enjoy the ride….
Imagine a place where you are personally welcomed, where your needs, hopes, and expectations are met with love and attention, where friends await your arrival with joyful anticipation, where you are invited to explore your passions in life uncover your inner truth and free yourself from the wounds of the past.
Imagine a place where you enter into a world of celebration and possibilities of healing and community.

Welcome to the Flourish Initiative Resort

“For seven years I have been working on my life project: a resort for personal development. My vision was to create a place, which is stunningly beautiful and carefully crafted down to the last detail. A place, that offers a uniquely balanced combination of seminars and 1on1 sessions; a variety of facilities, which helps to integrate the experience while meditating in a floating tank, watching an illuminating documentary film or hanging out at the library with a great book. A perfect setting for the individual to explore his potential, his vulnerability, his yearning to know more about himself, to cope in times of strife or to embark upon a new journey.

I have spent countless hours developing this project. I invested serious amounts of money, traveled a great deal in order to explore similar places like holistic resorts in America, ashrams in India and seminar centers all over Europe and Asia and visited more than 35 real estate properties in southern France, Italy and Greece. I accumulated knowledge about construction permits, property valuation and legalities while conversing hundreds of hours with real estate agents. With deep gratitude I think of the great and generous people who helped me to further develop my vision, to set up a business plan, to work on the financial scheme, to discuss again and again the best way to make this cost effective and lucrative…and to make this all work.

It is and has been the greatest journey of my life. A tortuous road strewn with heartbreaks and setbacks, garnished with miracles and beautiful adventures.

I have met wonderful people from all walks of life and collected gems of wisdom in my treasure box.
The world we live in is a connected organism where a healing movement of one individual positively impacts the whole. The problems we face as individuals manifest in our society, its leadership and the environment. It is imperative now more than ever, to face our problems, ‘clean house’, and align our actions to our values.

The Flourish Initiative is becoming a growing platform and a community enabling and nurturing this necessary shift.

The Resort will be our ultimate Home, a place where we want to live and work. Everything we do today adjusts to this vision and all we experience everyday is an excellent preparation for the path we embark upon: as entrepreneurs, as spiritual beings and as founders of the Flourish Initiative – Resort.”

♥ Alexandra

If you share our vision, if you are curious to learn more or if you wish to help and support us please don’t hesitate to contact me:





The Resort represents the next logical step in the evolution of the wellness industry, from wellness of body to holistic approaches that speak to the human being as whole; inclusive of mind, emotions and spirit.


The first ecological luxury resort for transformation in Europe, a place where sophistication meets consciousness, filling a gap in the current landscape between wellness hotels and personal development institutes.


A seal of quality in the field of personal transformation, we seek to unify the personal development market, uniting to all methods and philosophies that serve healing and truth. To this aim, we will provide a series of retreats in four key categories: transformation, leadership, spirit and creativity.


A buzzing platform of new ideas and concepts, the Resort will host authentic leadership programs where seasoned leaders engage others in the transformation of the corporate world.


Understanding the danger imposed upon our planet by the current political landscape, the Flourish Initiative is committed to protecting the earth and environment by practicing, safe- guarding and promoting sustainable resource.


Working from a paradigm of collaboration rather than competition, the Flourish Initiative has already established strategic alliances with visionaries, seeking to unite these ‘agents for change’ in our global community.


Safeguarding the future begins with safeguarding our children. We will create adventure retreats for children, inviting families to enjoy the innocence and intimacy of moonlight camps and Tipi-Tents. Parents are able to pursue their own journey of transformation whilst children explore pursuits that are designed to capture their imagination.



Once upon a time in the future

Jill & James, 2 testimonials which will embark you on an imaginary journey to our Resort in the South of France – enjoy the ride!




“I cannot ignore the feeling of entering into another world, where time seems to slow down and my body takes a deep breath all by itself, as if to breathe out the last bit of smoggy London air. The car stops in front of a beautiful old stone building with white linen curtains. It can only be reached by a little bridge that swoops over a mossy pond, filled with sea roses. A young woman welcomes me with a warm smile and a cool drink. Leading me to a giant shaded sofa, she asks me to sit and take time to arrive. Did I ever give myself the time to arrive anywhere?”


“The two weeks pass and I have loved being with like-minded people from many countries and all walks of life, in an exquisitely nurturing environment with every possible comfort and pampering. I loved the inspiring conversations, the new friendships built on a deep and real connection. It felt like life in a community, filled with authenticity, an awareness of self-responsibility and deep empathy. I recall the candlelight dinners, the readings, the bonfire party, the dancing on a natural high – without the red wine – and more fun than ever before…”