Leading with Grace & Resilience – A 2-Day Workshop

Our in-house and public 2-day programme enables leaders to develop new levels of self-awareness, recognise their personal barriers to building an inclusive culture and expand their capacity to understand how differences in ways of thinking and acting creates a healthy tension to bring creative thinking and ingenuity to business.

‘Grace’ holds the deep strength of Feminine Intelligence, that of Compassion, Deep Listening, Inclusivity, Interconnectedness, Regeneration enabling us to connect to what’s most important at the personal, organisational and societal levels and lead from that place. ‘Resilience’ holds the potent strength of the masculine: dynamism, focus, intention and action in the world. Bringing the two aspects together enables us to consciously develop positive character strengths and virtues, to ensure we bring the best of ourselves to any situation even in the face of crisis, adversity and setback. These two primary elements of Grace & Resilience coexist as a condition for creative and constructive leadership.

Your Facilitators

Karen Lee Downes

Karen fulfils her commitment and purpose by creating global initiatives of positive change for the fulfillment of human flourishing, business prosperity for a life sustaining future. She is motivated by her passion and commitment to change the systems and structures that no longer serve us.

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Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Scilla is a world-renowned Peace-Builder & Nobel Peace Prize nominee. She inspires leaders and policy-makers to talk more openly to their opponents by encouraging the kind of self-knowledge that keeps people from thoughtless violence or assisting in the destruction of the planet.

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Alexandra Feldner

Alexandra worked in fashion & film between different cultures across Europe and the US, developing a deep sense of visual beauty. Throughout this rich creative journey she has woven her studies of spiritual psychology, human consciousness and feminine leadership.

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