Gender Intelligence

Inclusivity and Diversity are now seen as imperatives in business for facing an unknown future, where the full human potential of all is available. Di ering views and expanded perspectives, creative as well as rational thinking, will be important faculties as leaders face the challenges of today and tomorrow’s economy. Gender intelligence is the intelligence acquired when we reach our full adult maturity, when we can appreciate and respect the talents and qualities of both women and men.

The opposite of inclusion is exclusion. In extreme cases of exclusion, war, revolutions and uprisings are the result. In the professional environment when people feel excluded, not valued or respected the result can be resentment, anger and dissention. This is often unseen and usually not dealt with, thus the talent and potential of all people remains untapped.

This one-day workshop is for both men and women who manage or lead others and are committed to bringing about a transformation on this important and di cult issue.

During this one-day workshop you will:

» Discover what holds the current mindset of bias and prejudice in place and how you can change it

» Understand how to build synthesis into your business: ‘Synthesis: An integration of traits, attitudes and
impulses to create a whole’

» Deepen your appreciation of both the feminine and masculine intelligence and qualities and how they both
apply in business
» Identify what qualities and talents are the best t for the future of your business and how to develop them
» Discover and be able to apply a new approach to changing existing patterns of behaviour and outdated
thinking within yourself and others

“I am a rm believer that the true progress of a society or a nation can be determined by the way it treats women. Progressive thinking and economic prosperity are meaningless unless women are given the respect and honor they deserve; women should always be considered equal to their male counterparts”

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister for Foreign Trade and was former Minister of Economic and Planning of the United Arab Emirates.

Your Facilitators

Karen Lee Downes

Karen fulfils her commitment and purpose by creating global initiatives of positive change for the fulfillment of human flourishing, business prosperity for a life sustaining future. She is motivated by her passion and commitment to change the systems and structures that no longer serve us.

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Hetty Einzig

Hetty works with a creative mix of intellectual challenge, psychological insight and reflection. She has established a reputation for growing and maintaining deep personal engagement in her clients and sustained performance and purpose that extends beyond the coaching journey – and, critically, humour!

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