The power of story – unlocking potential

What would you do, what might you create, what might you have the courage to stand for if you had the keys to unlock your potential and live true to your purpose?

What can seem elusive and unavailable is within you right now. When we look to ancient traditions that hold many truth and practices of what is needed to living a fulfilling and meaningful life, the healing practices that provide the foundation of wellbeing we can find some of the answers we need in todays western and industrialized world. We can draw on such teachings of renown philosophers, we can delve into the arts and reveal the science behind what it takes to thrive and flourish. We must tell the stories of those who demonstrate this.


If we look back in time we can track the lives of suppressed women who have found their voice, ordinary women who have found courage from within, the reluctant leaders who have become heroines. These women are found in the villages of India, on the stages of theatres, the boardrooms of corporations and in our communities around the world.


Its time to celebrate, empower and engage with women from the ordinary to the extraordinary, who are redefining their roles and the way they live their life and lead in their organisations in these challenging times.


As we tell their story we find our own is enhanced. We all stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. In the Flourish Initiative we will highlight the virtues and the values great leaders live by, the practices and rituals they adopt and the actions they take to live their life wholeheartedly doing what they are committed to and enlivens them.

That is what we are here for.


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