Inner Resources | Outer Results

This unique and powerful 2-day programme will give people the keys to unlock their inner resources to enable them to thrive through the seasons of business and life. The coherence and alignment of your inner resources with the outer results you want to produce is essential. Understanding the full complement of the human system is a new approach to building resilience. Fostering the potential between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, learning to distinguish the essential from the inessential, the healthy from the harmful is critical to human flourishing – in work as in life.

You will gain:

  • New insight into what drives your thoughts, words and actions
  • The capacity to move from habit and automatic reaction to being generative and responsive leaders
  • Expanded self-awareness and increased personal responsibility for your part in organisational success
  • Connection to what matters most to you and to the organisation
  • A shift from panic or paralysis to empowered and focussed action in the face of change and uncertainty
  • Impeccable communication tools for building trust and respect in all areas of your life

Your Facilitators

Karen Lee Downes

Karen fulfils her commitment and purpose by creating global initiatives of positive change for the fulfillment of human flourishing, business prosperity for a life sustaining future. She is motivated by her passion and commitment to change the systems and structures that no longer serve us.

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Hetty Einzig

Hetty works with a creative mix of intellectual challenge, psychological insight and reflection. She has established a reputation for growing and maintaining deep personal engagement in her clients and sustained performance and purpose that extends beyond the coaching journey – and, critically, humour!

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