From Team to Community

This emerging field of community building no longer requires the acquisition of best talent – it enables ordinary people to become extraordinary. This 3-day programme can be delivered in modules over the course of 6 months inside the organisation or at an off-site retreat.

Today’s workplaces need to re-establish authenticity, respect and trust as the foundation for ‘good business’ that serves the ‘good society’. When people are seen, heard and known, they build flourishing workplaces. Leadership in community is an opportunity to develop fully as a human being – to develop our capacities in service to building organisations where ethics, enterprise, economics and ecology are an integrated whole – where people flourish, business prospers and nature regenerates.

During the programme leaders will acquire a deep understanding of and skills in:

  • How to engage, connect and inspire people to bring their full contribution to the organisation
  • Develop the talent, strengths and resourcefulness of all people at all levels of the organisation, each person knows they have a part to play
  • The distinctions of community development and what it takes to build and sustain a resilient cohesive group
  • Moving from a culture of competition to co-operation, from siloed self-interest to care for the whole
  • Identifying and transforming patterns of en-cultured bias and develop respect for difference and inclusivity
  • What it takes to shift from values espoused to values lived, from valuing profit to valuing people, building trust and coherence in the community
  • Harnessing the collective intelligence at all levels of the organisation to achieve extraordinary results

Your Facilitators

Karen Lee Downes

Karen fulfils her commitment and purpose by creating global initiatives of positive change for the fulfillment of human flourishing, business prosperity for a life sustaining future. She is motivated by her passion and commitment to change the systems and structures that no longer serve us.

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Hetty Einzig

Hetty works with a creative mix of intellectual challenge, psychological insight and reflection. She has established a reputation for growing and maintaining deep personal engagement in her clients and sustained performance and purpose that extends beyond the coaching journey – and, critically, humour!

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